Reviews for Liberalism and American Identity

Garry is an effective spokesman for a set of principles that have been—however unintentionally—undermined in recent years. With this book, the author raises important questions about how Americans choose to view themselves and the relationship of that image to practical politics.
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“Garry’s book will provoke thought, stir up discussion and even create controversy, but most of all it will stimulate among readers renewed consideration of one of the nation’s most valued political traditions.”
-Professor Gilbert C. Fite, University of Georgia

This is a most interesting book.
-U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D.N.Y.)

This book is rich with example and interpretively consistent, and is, withal, quite the best book I’ve seen on this subject.
-Denis Wadley, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Liberalism and American Identity undertakes the task of defining not only what American liberalism means but what its relationship is to American culture. Garry’s elevation of the individual above the group allows him to make some of his trenchant criticisms of present day liberalism. His demand that liberalism return to what was not long ago its articulation of the public, social, and economic virtues is among his most important recommendations.
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Selected by the Public Library Association for inclusion in the prestigious 1993 University Press Books for Public and Secondary School Libraries.

“Americans look for an ideology that can energize change while respecting the values of our past, an ideology that can unite us as a people rather than divide us by class, race, or region. Patrick Garry’s fine history shows that just as liberal economic ideas have triumphed in country after country in the last decade, so the liberal vision of civic virtue, progress, and hard work can guide our nation toward a better future.”
-U.S. Senator Bill Bradley (D.N.J.)

“In this well-written and persuasive book, Patrick Garry not only explores the true meaning and importance of liberalism in American politics, he seeks to rejuvenate it by setting forth the vital role it can continue to play in American history. A refreshing antidote to the current dogmatism of the extreme right and left, this work makes its case, both attractively and readably. I recommend it highly.”
-Professor Paul L. Murphy, University of Minnesota

This is good stuff.
-Bruce Babbitt, Governor of Arizona and U.S. Secretary of Interior

This book examines the philosophy and growth/decline of the liberal tradition within the U.S. in a very articulate but concise style. The author has researched and reflected on the subject in a very scholarly manner.
-Professor Daniel J. Ward, St. John’s University

This book presents liberalism as a synthesis between the tradition of individual liberty and the democratic ideal of civic virtue. Garry’s argument, written with passion and conviction, though never intemperate, may disappoint demagogues from the right and the left.