Reviews for Scrambling for Protection: The New Media and the First AmendmentĀ (University of Pittsburgh Press)

Scrambling for Protection provides an interesting and useful treatment of the legal and political roadblocks on the information superhighway.”
-Harvard Law Review

Garry’s “call for reflection and action makes Scrambling for Protection worth reading and worth pondering by average Americans as well as by political elites, including members of Congress charged with reforming communications policy.”
Political Science Quarterly

“Garry provides convincing evidence that contemporary definitions of the press fail to adequately cover the host of news and information sources that are available” to the millions of Internet users.
-Annals of the American Academy of Political & Social Science

“Garry convincingly argues that technology and democracy can go hand-in-hand as he describes how such innovative communication tools as the Internet will reshape the way Americans think of the press.

Scrambling for Protection “outlines the evolution of the new electronic media and their potential impact on American society and politics, examining the role of law in this changing field.”
-National Journal

Garry presents “a very informative and readable account of the new media and their increasingly important role in social and political life.”

In Scrambling for Protection, Garry “does a fine job of researching the issues and introduces a new approach to thinking about how laws affect the new media.”
-Journalism & Mass Communicators Quarterly

Patrick Garry has “provided a public service by offering early and, on the whole, insightful analyses of the radical change that technological advances are bringing to democracy, statecraft, and American civil liberties.”

“Patrick Garry is a pioneer who has explored a complex and rapidly evolving subject, the application of the First Amendment to the telecommunications revolution. At a time of much blind speculation and knee jerk thinking about the future of the media, Mr. Garry offers a good deal of thoughtful common sense and a useful historical perspective on communications policy relating to the new media, the old media, the government and the courts.”
-Lawrence K. Grossman, Former President, NBC New and PBS

“Patrick Garry’s book is a timely and informed investigation of what is emerging as the most important of this country’s communications policy issues: whither the First Amendment among the New Media? Mr. Garry’s book will resonate among all those who cherish freedom of speech, and the special role, in this country, played by the First Amendment.”
-Patrick D. Maines, President, The Media Institute

“Garry’s book is an inventive redefinition of the almost forgotten “press clause” of the First Amendment. Long dormant, the clause can now breathe again.
-Monroe E. Price, Cardozo School of Law

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