The novel Blind Spots by Patrick M. Garry once again shows this author’s uncanny ability to take a simple story and turn it into a powerful and moving experience for the reader.  In this book, the main characters eventually are faced with a decision that will change each of their lives forever.  The choice is between what is morally and ethically right or the expedient alternative.  The twists come like body blows as each one decides, and the novel’s conclusion will leave the reader feeling as though they have been struck by a sledge hammer to the chest. The Prisoner only reinforces my feeling that Patrick Garry is one of our best American writers, and his work deserves a far bigger audience.  If you haven’t read one of his books, I would recommend that you start now.
-John Austin,The Book Club, WTAN, Tampa, Florida


Awards for Saving Faith

Winner, 2014 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Literary Fiction

Silver Medalist, 2014 Feathered Quill Book Awards

2015 Next Generation Independent Book Award

 2014 Beverly Hills Book Awards

Winner, 2014 ReaderViews Literary Awards 

Winner, 2013 Somerset Maugham Literary Fiction Awards

2013 Rebecca’s Reads Choice Award

2013 New England Book Festival Award

2013 Great Midwest Book Festival Award

2013 Hollywood Book Festival Award for General Fiction

Winner, 2013 Global Book Contest for General Fiction Category

Winner, 2013 Global Book Contest for Mystery Category

 Awards for A Bridge Back

2017 Royal Dragonfly Book Award Winner

Winner, 2017 John Weaver New Discovery Book Award

Winner, 2011 NIEA Book Award

Winner, 2009 IBPA Next Generation Literary Awards 

 Awards for A Bomb Shelter Romance

2010 International Book Award 

2010 National Indie Excellence Award 

2009 Jack Eadon Award for Best Contemporary Fiction 

2009 Independent Book Publishing Professionals Literary Award 

2009 National Best Books Award for Literary Fiction

Awards for The Price of Guilt

2017 Royal Dragonfly Book Award Winner

2017 John Weaver Book Award

2015 Paris Book Festival Award

2014 London Book Festival Award 

2014 Hollywood Book Festival Literary Award 

2014 New York Book Festival Award

2014 LuckyCinda Book Award

2013 Beverly Hills Book Awards for Literary Fiction

2013  NIEA Award for Fiction

2013 Readers’ Favorite Book Award

2011 International Book Award for Literary Fiction 

2011 International Book Award for General Fiction

Awards for Blind Spots

Winner, Book Excellence Award (Canada)

Winner, 2016 International Book Award

Finalist, 2016 Eric Hoffer Award

Finalist, MIPA Midwest Book Awards

Gold Prize Winner, 2016 Feathered Quill Book Awards

Beverly Hills Book Awards

First Place, 2015 CLUE Awards

Finalist, 2015 Somerset Literary Award

2016 Benjamin Franklin Book Awards, Silver Medal

Winner, McCombs Book Award for Best Mystery

Winner, – Best Books of the Year Award

2015 USA Best Book Award

Winner, NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

2016 Natl. Ind. Excellence Award

Awards for The Illusion

Winner, 2017 New York City Big Book Award

1st Place Winner, 2017 Red City Review Award

Winner, 2017 International Book Award

Winner, 2017 Independent Press Award 

2017 Book Excellence Award (Ontario, Canada)

Silver Medalist, 2017 Feathered Quill Book Awards

Eric Hoffer Book Award

Finalist, 2017 Somerset Maugham Literary Awards

Editor’s Choice Award,  AllBooks Review

Winner, Pinnacle Book Award

2016 London Book Festival Award

2016 USA Best Book Award

Finalist, 2016 CLUE Award for Thriller/Suspense Novel

Runner-up, 2016 Shelf Unbound Best Book Competition

US Review of Book Recommended Book

Beverly Hills International Book Award

Awards for Finding Flipper Frank

Winner, – Best Books of the Year Award

Silver Medalist, Colorado Independent Publishers Assn. EVVY Awards

2015 Eric Hoffer Book Award

First Place, 2015 IR Discovery Award

Winner, NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

Finalist, 2015 Midwest Book Awards

Winner, ReaderViews Literary Awards

Winner, Beverly Hills Book Awards

Gold Prize Winner, 2015 Feathered Quill Book Awards

Winner, 2014 Forward Magazine Book of the Year Awards

2014 Somerset Maugham Literary Fiction Award

2014 Montaigne Medal Award

2014 Great Midwest Book Festival

2014 USA Best Book Awards

Finalist,  2015 Next Generation Independent Book Award

2015 International Book Award

2015 NIEA Literary Award

Awards for In the Shadow of War

Winner, 2010 NIE Award for General Fiction